Smile Cookie


100% of funds raised by the sale of Smile Cookies are donated to the Argenteuil Community Social Pediatric Center.


Anyone wishing to take part in the Tim Hortons Smile Cookie campaign in support of ACSPC is invited to visit one of the four local restaurants:

  • 610, rue Principale, Lachute
  • 484, ave. Béthany, Lachute
  • 127, rte du Canton, Brownsburg-Chatham
  • 35, rue Maple, Grenville

Thank you for being part of the protective circle of Argenteuil’s children.

Local businesses

Free delivery
Local businesses wishing to have their order of Smile Cookies delivered must indicate the name of the contact person, the delivery address, the contact person’s telephone number, and the date and time of delivery between April 29 and May 3, 2024.